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Sharp Teeth on Musky and Pike

Musky Teeth are Razor Sharp

It’s truly incredible how sharp musky and pike’s teeth are. Their teeth are not like other animals, they are razor sharp all around.

What makes these teeth so sharp is the fact that they are small and pointy, you can’t even lightly rub your finger on top of the teeth without cutting yourself.

I guess this is what allows the fish to shred other fish’s flesh and scales to get to the meat.

I guarantee one time or another, you’ve cut your finger on a pike or a musky. I don’t care how good of fisherman you are, it’s pretty much inevitable!

This past year I think I cut myself 3 or 4 times out on the boat. The one time a small pike got me when I placed my fingers underneath the gills, I’m not sure how I cut myself, whether it was the sharp sides of the gill or some teeth inside the fish’s mouth.

It’s always good to go slow when you place your fingers underneath the gills to hold the fish up, always keep your fingers close to the inner walls of the gills. Soon as you let your fingers run wild, that’s when you can cut yourself.

Some other ways to prevent yourself from getting cut is buying gloves. Some fishermen like to buy gloves to protect their hands from teeth and the slime from the fish.

Sometimes though, the pointy teeth can go right through the glove. A really good investment is buying long needle nose pliers. I think most of the time fisherman get cut by using their fingers to unhook the lure from the musky or pike’s mouth.

You could get cut from either the hook or their teeth, a big cause is when the fish wiggles. One thing is for sure, these fish do not like it when you catch them. They tend to squirm all over the boat!

Monster musky one of our members caught!

But the most important important investment to have is bandaids or a first aid kit. This kind of reminds me of the fishing story on MonsterQuest where an avid fisherman named John Jewosin caught a muskie.

When he landed the musky in the net the fish leaped up and bit his wrist. The sharp teeth shredded into his veins located on his wrist.

“The blood was overwhelming” Jewosin said, he ended up in the hospital for a week and paying a hospital bill over $10k. You can watch the MonsterQuest musky video here, it’s at the 6:30 mark.

I’m not sure why Jewosin kept the fishing net and musky in the water, that’s probably why the musky kept shaking in the net.

I always like to take the fish out of their habitat and set them down in my boat. Most of the time they stop squirming around when I do that.

But a lot of anglers don’t like the blood or slimy mess they can make in their boat. It sure was quite a story, MonsterQuest was a real fun show to watch, even though I think they exaggerated stories a little bit.

Remember, it’s always safe to come prepared fishermen!