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Paul Doom BP Oil Spill

Bird Suffering from BP Oil Spill

Deep down we all like to believe that we are unaffected by pollution and oil spills, but as time goes on it’s starting effecting all our lives. I remember a few years back when I posted something on Michigan Sportsman forum, I just got hounded for even mentioning the word “pollution” in my post.

Since then I haven’t been back there. I did say “ruined by pollution,” I shouldn’t of used those words so inaccurately. But you know how you’re just typing out a post in forums and not worried about explaining everything you write.

Well I should of explained myself more clearly, I meant ruined by pollution in the fact that you shouldn’t be eating fish from the lake anymore. The fishing on the lake is of course is not ruined, plenty of smallmouth bass and muskie to be caught in Lake St. Clair.

I explained that out to them, yet they were still dominantly trying to get their point across that their beloved Lake St. Clair wasn’t polluted.

I just couldn’t believe how mad I made some fishermen, for some it turned out to be a joke. One fisherman wrote “Don’t forget about me. I will put a hurting on the fish in those nasty polluted waters as well. Visibility on a clear day is only like 12 feet or so, must be very polluted.”

I also had one charter fisherman say “been eating fish from there for years now (more than 26). Have not died yet and still not glowing in the dark from contaminants.” Remind you this was all in 2009, before the big BP oil spill and the big oil spill in the Kalamazoo River.

I wonder how they feel about pollution now…. The charter fisherman doesn’t understand how pollution is slowly effecting our bodies.

Wheelchair Stricken Paul Doom

But for some people such as Paul Doom, he is not so lucky and started to feel the side effects right away from the BP oil spill. This young person decided to defy what his parents said about not swimming in the Gulf waters. He also ate fresh seafood a lot, acting like nothing happened in the Gulf.

We all know how young kids can feel when they are growing up. They’ve been protected all their life, they believe that bad things can’t happen to them and that life is perfect. That’s how I felt when I was younger and that’s how many kids feel. Personally I believe Paul Doom’s story will be a wake up call for the human race.

He’s currently going through internal bleeding in his body, white lesions on his brain, no feeling in his left leg, constant headaches, vertigo, and is now confined to a wheelchair. Not too long ago his parents said they had to rush him to the hospital due to 30 minutes of multiple seizures.

He’s not the only one suffering from side effects, many workers involved in the clean up crew for the BP oil spill have also come down with illnesses.

It’s all unreal to the average person until it hits home in their own body. This whole year I’ve been dealing with chronic sinusitis, a disease that can be caused by an allergic reaction.

Well the year before, I took a job working at MotorCity Casino. MotorCity Casino has low ceilings and bad filtration, the smoke is so bad in there at times I had to step out and get fresh air.

At one point I heard a story that OCEA came in the year the casino had opened, warning the owners (Ilitch family) they need to get a better filtration system. Well 10 years have passed and nothing has changed! Well I guess when you own half the city you’re above the law right?

I really don’t understand the law that says smoking is illegeal in restaurants, yet casino’s are exempt from it.

During spring and summer since I dropped the job, I noticed constant mucus in back throat. Thought nothing of it, well come winter it became really bad and I noticed I couldn’t breath through my nose at times, then came the headaches.

I have to say I’ve never had symptoms like these and never felt bad like this in my entire life, chronic sinusitis is no joke. All from 2nd hand smoke I breathed in at the casino!

I asked multiple doctors and they said smoke from the casino could of easily inflamed my sinus cavities. If you’re interested I found this article about workers experiencing illnesses from 2nd hand smoke, it’s an article actually posted on a government site.

Of course my story is nothing like what Paul Doom experiencing from the BP oil spill, but my story is in the same aspect that we are killing ourselves slowly because of pollution.

Whether it be from cigarettes, car exhaust, oil spills, garbage, etc… We all need to start thinking ahead and be concerned about our lives and our planet’s future. It wouldn’t be a surprise to me that one day we might not have a lake to fish in.

Here’s some more articles for reference on pollution. I might sound like a worry wart, but I care a lot about the Great Outdoors and if you hunt and fish, you should too!

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