Deer Hunting and Fishing Tips

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Number One Fishing Tip Spring

Respooling your Fishing Line

So what’s the number one fishing tip for spring time? Well respooling your fishing line of course.

If you’ve been a long time reader on Sportsmans Habitat, you probably caught this tip under my post “checking your fishing line bass fishing.” In that article I talked about how I change my fishing line every 2-3 months, well you don’t have to do that, I do that because I fish like 3-4 time every week.

My fishing line gets a lot of sun exposure because I have an open faced spinning reel, plus the exposure it gets in the water.

But you should change your fishing line every year, the sign of spring time in March is a really good time! Not everyone does it though, my pops respools his reels like every 2-3 years.

To me that’s laziness to be honest with you and if he loses a big fish, he should know why! My point is, don’t be lazy, get that old fishing reel out and respool your line. You just never know what gigantic fish you might hook into this spring!


Fishing Accessories this Spring?

Need to pick up a transom saver for my Crestliner fishing boat.

Anyone buying any fishing accessories this spring? I have a few things I need to get, one is for my Crestliner fishing boat.

For some reason when I bought the boat last year, it didn’t come with a transom saver mount. Not sure why, maybe because I just have 50 horsepower Mercury on back and it’s pretty light.

But still, when you’re going on long fishing trips, that shock the motor puts on the transom is not good. So I’m probably going to pick one up, either at West Marine or Mike’s Marine in St. Clair Shores.
Both are usually outrageous in price, so I’m going to price the transom savers on the internet first.

Pumpkinseed Color

Another fishing accessory I’m going to get is some more 3″ Berkley Powerbait Grub.
I prefer the colors “pumpkinseed” and “green pumpkin.”

Last year I got a monster northern pike with the green pumpking color.
All species of fish seem to love Berkley Powerbait in the spring time.

Anyways, that’s the fishing accessories I’m planning to buy so far.
Do you guys or gals have any?


60 Degrees in Michigan Today

Spring is Almost Here!

Put on some cargo shorts on and slap on some sandals, it suppose to reach 60 degrees over here in Michigan today.

But seriously, I wouldn’t put on sandals and shorts just yet, I’m just happy to see some warmer weather. I’m sure all of us Michiganders are! I’ve been dealing with a sinusitis infection for the past three months, it’s truly been hell for me.

Sinus headaches and constant fatigue! Lately though, after going on a healthier diet, I’ve been feeling better. And with this warm weather today, my overall body should feel a lot better.

The last past week I could just smell it in the air, I knew spring was coming! Nothing better than the scent of spring in the air.

It’s a mixture of cold and warm air, with a hint of pollen. It’s really got me excited!

If I’m feeling up to it, I think I’m going to pull the boat out and get it running. Hopefully everything starts up good after the winterization Da Greek Yooper and I did last fall. With boats, all you can do is keep your fingers crossed, lol.

I’m sure everything will be fine! I not only wanted to run it, but maybe take it over to Clinton River or maybe one of the canals near me. Most of the ice is clear, but some ice chunks are still lurking around.

It’s truly not safe to be running a boat really fast around the lake. But, I will be just going in either the river or canal with my trolling motor. Be honest with you, I don’t even need my 50 horsepower Mercury.

Which is good because it will save me one gas, you see how much it’s gone up in the past months?

Anways, if anyone else has the pre-spring bug and thinking about going fishing today, lets here from you in the comment section!