Deer Hunting and Fishing Tips

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Go Pro Camera for Fishing

I’ve been trying to expand and take our fishing site a little further, this past week I’ve been putting up some great videos on YouTube.

One I’m pretty proud of is a review of the Go Pro HD camera. I give my true honest opinion of the POV camera and why I think it’s the best camera for fishing.

Hopefully by posting some quality videos on YouTube we can bring in some more outdoorsmen to the site. Making videos is a new thing for me so I’m working on my communication skills.

I’m pretty excited about fishing this year, we’re going to be putting up some great video footage all over YouTube.

Soon I will be putting up a section to host my YouTube videos. Anways, if you’re a registered member on YouTube, I would greatly appreciate it if you could subscribe to the Sportsmans Habitat Channel!


Weird Fishing Lures

One of the weirdest fishing lures I have ever seen!

I stumbled across this fishing lure when I was looking of fishing lures on “Google Images.” If you didn’t know this already, Google Images is a great way to find new and old fishing lures you might like. For instance, do you have a particular lure or color you like?

Plug in the name of the lure, then the color! For instance “bomber rainbow trout” or vice versa, “rainbow trout bomber.” You’ll be amazed how many different types of lures pop up.

And sometimes you can find lures that aren’t even made by the company Bomber. You might get lures that have a similar rainbow trout color because you used keywords “rainbow trout.”

See how effective technology is for finding more fishing lures! I use this all the time and it’s fun to see what type of fishing lures are out there.

For instance, ummm… this ugly thing you see before you! I’m not sure who makes it or what it suppose to resemble.

I guess if there was such a thing as an elephant bumblebee fish, this is what it would look like. Who knows, maybe it will catch a lot of fish!

I laughed when my brother and Da Greek Yooper introduced me to the Buckeye Shad, I said that’s not going to catch fish. The next day I used it and I was hauling in smallmouth bass one after another, so you just never know…


North American Fishing Club

Test & Keep Free Fishing Products!

I have to admit to you, I’ve never been a member of the North American Fishing Club. But, I know they’ve been around for a long time.

I remember getting mail from the club all the way back when I was just a young fisherman. I love there logo, but since I didn’t have a job and any money, I never joined.

What’s seems to be interesting now is the North American Fishing Club claims if you sign up and become a member, you can test out all kinds of different fishing products, plus you can keep them! Now that sounds pretty cool!

But with the dieing economy and know if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. I know it’s kind of bad to think that way. But I highly doubt they’ll be allowing all their members to test out high quality fishing products like fishing reels, jackets, and glasses like they say on their website.

I really think it’s their way to “reel you in and land a fish.”

However, I love to read magazines! Supposedly when you sign up you get a subscription to their magazine. Hey you never know there might be some really good fishing tips in there.

I guess the only way to find out is to sign up! I guess if they were not a very good club, they wouldn’t have been around this long.