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Louis Theroux Hunting Holiday

Journalist Louis Theroux visits private game reserves in Africa.

I woke up today on turned on the boob tube, for some reason the channel was set on BBC, kind of weird because no one really watches that channel in my house.

My girlfriend might of been watching news on the tsunami in Japan. Anyways, they had show called African Hunting Holiday on BBC.

The show’s main focus is about the debate on whether it is right or wrong for endangered animals should be bred and raised so westerners can come and kill them.

I guarantee this will be a controversial topic on our website since our hobby is all about hunting and fishing.

From my point of view, do I think it is right or wrong? Well deep down I would have to say it’s wrong! Mainly because they are hunting an exotic/endangered species that numbers are limited.

On the flip side there’s the argument that these preserves actually keep these animal species from dieing out because they bread them.

I also don’t like the fact that they bread the animals just for killing them, I do find that to be a little barbaric.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my share of hunting in my life time and eat my share of meat.
When I hunted white-tail deer back in the day, I look at it differently because the deer population as vast.

Plus I don’t hunt just for the thrill, my family and I love to eat venison, the meat never goes to waste. Times are tough over her in America, you kill a deer, that meat can feed your family for a very long time.

These preserves on the other hand, are mainly just for the fun of the hunt. I hope you see what I’m getting at.

Checkout BBC for Air Times

This is going to be a hard topic to handle, because I know there’s going to be a lot of hunters on here with different point of views.

I know that Da Greek Yooper and I don’t totally see eye to eye about hunting. He’s a hunting machine when it comes to the sport, I on the other hand am a bit more mellow, I like to hunt only once or twice a year.

Da Greek Yooper is totally dedicated to hunting. I’m a bigger fan of fishing, as you can probably tell from my articles, lol. Be honest with you, fishing is sort of similar. Look at it this way, fishermen go out into the wild, catch a fish and then eat them.

On the other hand, you can release them without killing the fish, which is why I like the sport so much. Hunting you can’t do that!

The show I caught of African Hunting Holiday was the one where journalist Louis Theroux had on Pete Warren, an owner of an animal preserve.

In this episode you could tell Pete Warren got a little pissed at the way Louis Theroux was making him look on the show, kind made him look like a killer and barbaric person. Pete Warren gave is side of the story why he does and why he doesn’t have sympathy for the animals.

He exclaimed this is how they make money, they don’t have computers and an economy like we do. And with their preserves, they are actually keeping these exotic/endangered species alive because they are breading them.

I have to say I know where Pete Warren is coming from, because Africa has a lot of poor places in the country, and it’s not like he can walk down the street and get a job. Well hell, it’s even getting harder for us to do that in the states now.

So I can kind of understand him. Anyways, if you have any thought on the subject, I would like to hear from you.

I’m sure other readers would too, because this is a big controversial subject among many outdoorsmen and the average person.