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Beetle Spin with Willow Leaf Blade

Standard silver blade on Beetle Spin, boring for fish!

I’m giving away one of my biggest fishing secrets ever! It entails a little modification to the beetle spin fishing lure, not much in fact.

All I do is change out the original round blade on the beetle spin to a gold willow leaf spinner blade. I mean you wouldn’t believe how well this works on largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye, and muskellunge in the summer.

Fishing shops like Lakeside Fishing Shop in St. Clair Shores Michigan carry these gold leaf spinners. I highly suggest picking up the better made gold spinners, they might be more money, but the gold will last longer.

The gold shine can get dirty pretty quickly. You can use polish to bring the luster back, but you have to be careful what polish you use, the scent my prevent the fish from biting.

If I was stranded on an island and had only one lure to take with me, the beetle spin would be it. The combination between the gold willow leaf spinner blade and the split tail body of the beetle split tail body make the fish go head over heals for it.

Or should I say head over fins for it!

This fishing lure can be buzzed on top in shallow areas. If you’re looking to go deep, attach a heavier jig head to the spinner.
But, always use the “white” split tail body. I’ve tried green and a few other colors made by Beetle Spin, but they just don’t look as good.

The beetle spin is such an underdog lure, not many fishermen know about it and if they do, they don’t think it’s a very effective lure. Well I’m here to tell you it is! It works great in all seasons: spring, summer, and fall.

Just this past year I took my Crestliner fishing boat over to Stony Creek, the crappie over there went ape shit over the lure. I was hauling in crappie left and right.

Modify your beetle spin and put a gold willow leaf blade on, fish love this combination!

A good tip for using the beetle spin is cast it, let it drop for a few seconds, preferably 5 seconds or so. Then slowly reel it in… You wouldn’t believe how many times bass hit the beetle spring when it’s sinking to the bottom.
The flash of the gold blades must drive the fish wild!

Also, two other ways to fish the beetle spins is a stop and go retrieve. If that doesn’t work, try jigging. My Dad who went with me at Stony Creek was busting crappie left and right by just drifting and jigging the beetle spin.

He wasn’t reeling or casting! The crappie really loved the jigging action. But who knows though, try other techniques, you never know what the fish will go for. And remember, each species of fish is different.

It’s pretty obvious that the change of the dull silver round blade to the gold willow leaf blade is what makes the beetle spin so much better.

Why? Well you ever wonder why it’s illegal to use gold fish as bait? Well that’s the answer! Because gold fish are so effective for catching fish!